About Us

Ningbo Chengbang Office Equipment Co.,Ltd is a well established manufacturer/ supplier of the equipment such as paper shredders, paper trimmers, laminators and fold machines etc, and is located in Zhenhai Linyu Foreign Investment Zone-10 kilometers from Ningbo city. It has wholly owned manufacture/warehouseing site exceeding 20.000 square meters.
Ningbo Chengbang Office Equipment Co.,Ltd is a privately owned enterprise and has been authorized license for its own importing and exporting business. The company has established an innovative and efficient Quality Management/Control system and has been awarded with ISO9001:2000 Certificates and other world recognized quality certificates for its products. The company has also applied for the Copy Rights from State Intellectual Property Bureau for some products developed by its own.
Our products are highly valued and recognized by the customers in Japan, Europe and other markets due to its innovative types, excellent quality, competitive prices and outstanding services. The company sincerely welcomes any potential customer either domestic or overseas to visit our company to discuss the business in aspects of investments, development of new products and others.